Welcome to Back!

welcome_back[1]Ohio’s Race to the Top has been extended into a Year 5 No Cost Extension of the original Race to the Top (RttT) grant. A No Cost Extension means no new additional funding will be allocated to support an additional year of the grant, but both the state and participating districts and community schools will be permitted to use any unspent Year 4 funds in the 2014-2015 school year.

Race to the Top support will continue for all No Cost Extension participating districts and community schools, along with many projects that directly impact student achievement in 2014-15. This work will continue to support our efforts to meet both state and federal Department of Education goals.

Below is a short list of some of the programs that have been approved for continuation as part of the No Cost Extension:

Leadership and Communication: Race to the Top school districts and community schools in Ohio will continue to receive the support of six regional coordinators and 16 regional specialists in meeting commitments and goals described in their approved Race to the Top Year 5 Scope of Work. Participation will continue to connect districts and community schools to resources, support collaborative learning and shared decision-making and building teacher-level teams that serve to support the work of Race to the Top.

Formative Instructional Practices: RttT specialists will work with districts and community schools to increase formative instructional practices, use of online learning modules and develop practices proven to increase student achievement and growth. Districts and community schools will also have continued use of the Battelle for Kids Tools including the unit organizer for unit development, vocabulary guides, progression guides. Specialist will assist districts and community schools in diving deeper into the standards through the shifts, depth of knowledge, deconstruction and strategy implementation.

Ohio’s Instructional Improvement System: Race to the Top regional specialists will provide training for teachers on the use of the system, assist in how to design and administer assessments and provide technical support.

Advanced Placement: RttT will continue the support of the Advanced Placement program increasing access to AP opportunities for all students, creating action plans to build or expand AP programs and offering mini-grant awards to participating schools.

Beginning Principal Mentorship Program: RttT support will continue for the Beginning Principal Mentorship program for newly appointed assistant principals. RttT will continue to assist in professional development, understanding of Ohio’s New Learning Standards, performance expectations and improving collaborative efforts.

Evaluation Implementation: Assistance in reviewing, reflecting, and adjusting processes for implementation of Ohio’s Teacher and Principal Evaluation and reporting information through the electronic system will continue, along with support in creating valid and meaningful student learning objectives and student growth measures.

Please contact your regional specialist or coordinator if you have any additional questions. Visit http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/School-Improvement/Race-to-the-Top/Team/Regional-Coordinators for contact information.

We look forward to serving all our participating districts and community schools for another year.

Details on the No Cost Extension and Frequently Asked Questions are available at www.rtttnews.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/faq_rtttnce_rev040214.pdf.





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