RttT Budget


New budget allocations announced (.pdf file last updated on May 1, 2013)
The revised four-year budget allocations for currently participating local education agencies (LEAs) are now posted on the Race to the Top website. These allocations reflect adjustments the department made to redistribute unused funding.  The last round of updated budget allocations was posted on May 1.  Due to the possibility of LEAs withdrawing from RttT during Year 4 of the grant, ODE shall need to update the budget allocations on a more regular basis (normally done once a year).  ODE shall communicate to the LEAs when the revised budget allocations have been made and shall direct LEAs to review the posted .pdf file containing the revised amounts.

FY2014 budget allocations in CCIP
The RttT budget allocation for FY14 shall be loaded into CCIP by June 25, 2014.  These budget allocations will not include any carryover funding from FY13.  Carryover or unused funding from FY13 shall be loaded into the FY14 budget allocation once the final expenditure report (FER) has been approved by the Office of Grants Management.  LEAs are strongly encouraged to obtain budgetary approval on their FY14 budget allocations on or after July 1, 2013 and then obtain a “secondary” approval once the FY13 carryover funds are included into the FY14 budget allocation in CCIP.

Year 4 budget Excel templates uploaded for participating LEAs
The department is assisting with Year 4 budgets by uploading a Year 4 Excel budget template in the Collaboration Center (SharePoint). The Year 4 budget template is uploaded and placed into the Year 4 budget folder for each RttT participating agency. LEAs are responsible for updating their budgets using the template with the actual expenses for the first three years of RttT. Budget templates shall need to be fully updated after the carryover from FY13 has been approved and placed into the FY14 budget allocation in CCIP.

FY2013 budget amendment deadline announced
LEAs have until June 24 to submit any budget allocation changes in the CCIP through the amendment process. CCIP budget allocations for FY2013 must be in a status of “final approved” on June 30. FERs will be due in the CCIP between July 1 and Sept. 30. For LEAs that are receiving RttT funding outside of the CCIP system (e.g. an RttT Innovative Grant), please remember that the paper FERs are also due between the timeframe of July 1 to Sept. 30.

Payment Cash Requests (PCRs) need to be filed by June 1 (paper) and June 6 (CCIP)
To ensure timely payment, the ODE Office of Grants Management must receive your July cash requests by the following dates:

    • Paper Project Cash Requests by June 1; and
    • Electronic Project Cash Requests through the CCIP by June 6 at 11:59 p.m.

The Office of Grants Management will process the requests as quickly as possible. Requests received after these deadlines will not be submitted to the state’s accounting system for payment until after July 1.


Lowering the FY13 budget allocation in CCIP for the Race to the Top (RttT) grant
ODE has decided to offer the opportunity to LEAs participating in the RttT grant to lower their FY13 budget allocation, if the LEA determines that their carryover funding will be a significant amount heading into the final year of the grant.  LEAs should review their current adjusted allocation in CCIP and determine if all the funds will be drawn down during Year 3 (FY13) of the grant.  If a LEA is projecting to spend 50% or less of their current adjusted allocation this year, then the LEA should consider lowering the allocation and these funds will be loaded into the allocation for the following year (FY14).  The intent of the lowering down budget allocations is to reduce the total amount of carryover statewide heading into FY14.  If your LEA is considering the option to lower the adjusted allocation in FY13, please contact your RttT regional coordinator.

IIS funding no longer needed from RttT LEAs receiving $250K
Back in the Fall of 2010, ODE notified a number of participating LEAs that they would be required to assist in the funding of the state’s instructional improvement system (IIS).  LEAs that were to receive funding totaling over $250K were going to be responsible for paying a small portion of the IIS costs.  Recently, it was announced that the IIS vendor for Ohio is Thinkgate and ODE is now pleased to announce that LEAs are no longer going to be required to pay any portion and ODE will be paying 100% of the IIS setup costs.  LEAs are encouraged to reallocate this funding back into their budgets, in order to further assist the LEA in implementing reforms and initiatives related to RttT.

Updating the Race to the Top (RttT) Excel budget template
Since we are now in “Year 3” of the RttT grant, it is strongly encouraged for LEAs to review and update their Excel budget template in SharePoint (Collaboration Center).  LEAs may find it very beneficial to have their budget template updated to reflect the most accurate spending and budget allocation numbers.

The Excel budget template should now contain the “actual” RttT expenses in the columns for FY11 and FY12 and not their CCIP budget allocations from those first two years.  FY13 and FY14 should represent the budget allocations for the last two remaining years in RttT.  If the LEA would like to have their “actual” expense numbers for FY11 and FY12, along with the FY13 and FY14 budget allocation figures, these numbers are located on the RttT web-site by clicking on the “Budget info” button and downloading the .pdf file.  If you have any questions concerning the budget template, please contact the RttT budget and accountability manager.

FY13 budget allocation in CCIP
If your FY13 budget allocation in CCIP is not in a “final approved” status, please take the necessary steps in getting this approved as soon as possible.  Failure to do so may result in restricted access to the RttT funding and potential withdraw from participating in the RttT grant.  Remember the phrase, “Don’t be that LEA”.


Q: Why is our FY13 budget allocation not fully approved in CCIP?

A: In order for the FY13 budget allocation to be fully approved and finalized in CCIP, LEAs must remember that an updated “Year 3” budget template (Excel spreadsheet that was utilized during the first two years of RttT) MUST be uploaded into the Collaboration Center (SharePoint) in order for ODE to review. Upon the receipt of the uploaded budget template, ODE will either approve or deny the budget allocation in CCIP.  If a LEA submits their FY13 budget allocation in CCIP without uploading a “Year 3” budget template, the approval process will be delayed, as ODE will not approve a budget allocation without having the “Year 3” budget template in the Collaboration Center.

Q: Should our budget template match CCIP exactly?

A: When a LEA uploads their budget template, the FY13 column MUST reconcile or match exactly to CCIP.  It is also strongly encouraged that the FY11 and FY12 columns be updated to reflect the approved or finalized FERs (final expenditure report) from both years AND ensure that your LEA is using the correct RttT 4-year grant award.  The 4-year grant award per each participating LEA can be found on the RttT website by clicking on the “Budget info” button.

Q: Where can I find a new budget template or a “blank” one?

A: If your LEA needs a new or “blank” budget Excel template, one can be found in the Collaboration Center by clicking on the “_General” folder and then going into the “Budget” folder.

Q: RttT Project Information: C.F.D.A. Number 84.395 and U.S.A.S. Fund Code 506

A: This is a general reminder to all participating RttT LEAs that ALL funds awarded via RttT fall under the C.F.D.A. number 84.395 and the U.S.A.S. fund code 506.  These two numbers apply to both CCIP and all paper grant awards that are awarded via RttT.  These numbers will remain the same over the life of the four-year grant.  In addition, please ensure that your LEA is inputting these numbers onto all paper PCRs (payment cash requests) for RttT funds when applicable.

05/15/2012 – Don’t be that LEA…

If you have attended a RttT regional meeting already this month, you have heard this phrase being used and have been warned not to be in this classification. If you haven’t yet attended a RttT regional meeting is year, you will shortly learn the true meaning of this phrase and the necessary steps to keep your LEA from being “that LEA”.

As a reminder to what is being discussed and covered in each of the RttT regional meetings, listed below are the key components that will keep your LEA from being labeled as “that LEA” in terms of the budget requirements for RttT heading into Year 3.

A. The FY12 budget allocation in CCIP will be in the “final approved” status and will remain in this status over the June 30 – July 1, 2012

B. The Year 2 budget template in SharePoint will be updated so that the FY11 column represents “actual expenses”. This number should match your approved FER FY11 for RttT.

C. The Year 2 budget template in SharePoint will be updated so that the FY12 column represents the “current budget allocation” in CCIP for FY12.

D. By June 13, 2012, your LEA will update the FY13 and FY14 Budget Allocation request document that has been pre-populated in your Year 3 Budget folder in the Collaboration Center and those amounts requested allocation amounts will not exceed the total available funds over the last two years of the grant.

E. Your LEA will submit a budget revision, if necessary, for the FY12 budget allocation before June 25, 2012.

F. Your LEA will file the required FER for FY12 during the July 1 – September 30 timeframe.

G. Your LEA will use the updated RttT total grant allocation amount that has been posted on the RttT web-site when submitting the Year 3 budget template in the Collaboration Center.

H. Your LEA will upload a Year 3 budget template to the Collaboration Center after the FER FY12 has been approved by ODE Grants Management in CCIP.

05/01/2012 – RttT Budget Allocations for Participating LEAs (Past, Present and Future)

As we quickly approach the end of Year 2, it is time to begin to focus on the final two years of the RttT grant in terms of the budget.

As you are aware, Year 1 of RttT is over and from a fiscal standpoint, the approved FY11 FER your LEA filed represents the actual expenditures or expenses incurred during the first year of the grant.  We are currently in Year 2 with roughly 5 months left in FY12.  The current budget in CCIP represents your FY12 allocation.  Therefore, we have two more years left in RttT (FY13 & FY14) that the RttT funds will be disbursed in CCIP.

ODE recently re-allocated RttT funds from the “withdrawn” public districts and community/charter schools among the remaining LEAs.  Approximately, $1.49M was re-allocated directly back to the RttT LEAs.  These additional funds will be available to the LEAs in FY13 & FY14.

ODE has posted the re-allocated amounts for the LEAs on the RttT web-site, along with the FY11, FY12 and total funds available for the last two years of RttT (FY13 & FY14) for each participating LEA.

If you have any questions concerning the fiscal numbers provided, please contact the RttT Budget/Accountability Manager at erik.bower@education.ohio.gov



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